20ft heated whip hose | super flex | 1/4" | w/ scuff jacket

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2k-heated whip hose | 20ft | 1/4" | super-flex | max. operating pressure 3.500psi | max. operating temperature 194°F | DS "FLEX" | JIC-fittings | air supply hose | scuff jacket black

The last 3' of this whip hose is non-heated but insulated. This makes it more lightweight, extremely flexible and super easy to maneuver. 

If you prefer the heat to the very end of your whip hose go with our standard 10' and 20' whip hoses. 

This hose is interchangeable with equipment of the leading manufacturers: GRACO®/GUSMER®, PMC, GAMA® and others.


For PUR- and Polyurea-applications.

Optionally available with integrated temperature sensor (FTS).

All PURCRAFT hoses are manufactured with high quality materials in Germany.

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