55gal Drum Heater 230V

Product no.: EQ-FH55-230

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230V Full Heating Blanket for 55gallon-drums
Other than competitors’ heaters, PURCRAFT blankets do not have a bulky thermostat attached to the blanket (which most of the times gets beaten up very quickly and becomes a fire hazard) but is designed to work with a super robust plug-and-play wall mount controller. 

The blanket has two independent RTDs for maximum safety. And as another safety feature, the temperature is factory-preset to your request. This will prevent that the product is overheated by accidentaly setting a higher temperature. 
If you want to have full flexibility you can get an optional IR remote control to change and read temp setting. 
  • 230V (also available in 115V)
  • high wattage for quick heat-up time: 1,200W @ 230V
  • max. operating temp. 90°C/194°F
  • Heavy Duty Cordura-Jacket
  • adjustable quick-release buckles and Velcro harness keep the blanket in place
  • 10ft lead w/ 7-pin connector
  • two integrated RTDs
  • extremely robust wall-mount temperature controller (separate part: EQ-LR-330P)
  • factory-preset temperature upon requirements
  • optinal IR remote control to change and read temp setting (separate part: EQ-LRFB-310N)
  • IP54

​To operate this blanket an additional controller is needed! 

The blanket is designed to work with our extremely robust wall-mount controller LR-330P. 
Please contact us if you want to use your own controller. 

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